My wife and I are both very hands on people and we have always had a love of home improvement and all things DIY. If you’re on our site then you will no doubt have similar loves and passions to us. We just love all power tools and pretty much own every different kind that money can buy, we even have 2 or 3 or some (including circular saws of course). The problem is, in this day and age there is just so much choice on the market it is so hard to make an educated choice and make sure that you end up with the correct model and brand for your personal requirements.

We decided to build this site when we last purchased a circular saw as we were just overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices and the quality of what is now available. We consider ourselves experts and even we struggled with the decision (it took us months to decide). What we have tried to do with our site is answer all of the questions that we had and also lay out our reviews and comparison tables in a way that makes it very easy to understand what you are buying and why.

Granted, we may not have all the bases covered but we have done our best to provide clear and honest information in an orderly way. If you feel there is something that we could add or a change to the layout that we could make then please drop us a note or make a comment on one of the pages and we will do our very best to make the changes and add the content that you request. We want our site to be the go to place for anyone out there looking to buy a circular saw, whether they are using for the home or the work place. We hope you enjoy the site.